Jan 222013

On Tuesday, January 22nd, the New Hampshire House of Representatives Election Law Committee convened to hear testimony on HB 119. The NHCLU, the League of Women Voters and America Votes, called on legislators to support the bill.

Click here to read NHCLU’s testimony on HB 119

Last year, the legislature passed SB 318, which attempted to silence student voters in New Hampshire. The NHCLU filed suit against the state, because the bill unconstitutionally froze out thousands of mobile domiciliaries, primarily students, from state and federal elections. The suit resulted in a temporary injunction; however, the case is still ongoing. HB 119 will remedy the problems raised by SB 318, and protect student’s rights to vote in New Hampshire.

On March 5th, the Committee recommended that the House pass HB 119, with an amendment. The amendment specifically addressed the voter affidavit, ensuring it would accurately reflect the voter registration requirements.

Click here to read NHCLU’s press release on HB 119

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