Feb 192013

The NHCLU stands in strong support of HB 619, with amendment. This bill tackles the evolving use of domestic drone surveillance and violence. In recent years, drones have been developed and used on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan; use, of that nature, has no place domestically. HB 619 limits the use of drones for surveillance: the government must obtain a warrant based on probable cause, in emergency situations, or where the subject of surveillance has provided written consent. HB 619 also strictly prohibits the use of drones equipped with any lethal or non-lethal weapon. Under this bill, drones will be allowed in emergency circumstances, such as search and rescue missions or firefighting.

HB 619 tackles the issue of emerging drone technology, and protects New Hampshire from potentially abusive violations of privacy rights.

Click here to read NHCLU’s written testimony on HB 619


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